Kayla Filloon had been walking dogs as a volunteer for ACCT Philly, a Philadelphia-based animal shelter, for one year. Kayla absolutely loved her work and made a bond with every animal at the shelter, but a dog named Russ became very close to Kayla’s heart.

When Russ came into a shelter as a stray, he was in a terrible condition. He was grossly underweight and had bruises all over his body. The dog also suffered from kennel cough. When Kayla first met Russ, she was looking toward a dog in a pretty bad shape staring back at her.

Kayla decided to take the 4-year-old Pit-Bull for a walk and realized that the pooch was very well behaved. The dog did not bark or react like most dogs would do and came across as a very affectionate pooch. Kayla found out that Russ also understood basic commands, and that was when she decided that she was going to adopt the dog.

The shelter was struggling with some space constraints, and Kayla knew that this would put Russ at the risk of getting euthanized, so she had to act fast. The very next day, Kayla signed the necessary paperwork and got Russ home.

After only living for two weeks with Kayla, the Pit-Bull was totally transformed. He recovered from his cough, and his missing fur also grew back.

One of the photos where Russ can be seen cuddling Kayla was posted online, and it became a total hit. The photo moment happened when Kayla was sitting on her chair, doing her work. Although Russ had his bed on the floor and there was the sofa for him to lie as well, but he just wanted to sit with Kayla and snuggle her.

The photo can inspire a lot of people to adopt a shelter dog and add some cuddly love in their lives.

Image source: Jamie Holt via Facebook


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