There is a classic YouTube video of a dog watching TV and how it reacts. This video, uploaded to the YouTube channel of 0kageryu0 in 2008, is a commercial that he made for the 2006 Telos Film Festival. This decade-old footage shows that the concept of how a dog reacts to a TV show got done way back then.

Excellent dog video

Despite the lack of HD quality, this dog video is excellent and can compete with the other trending ‘dog watching TV’ videos. Note that those trending videos are not copycats as dogs do react to what is showing on TV as it would respond to what they think is a real thing. Or, they might become immersed in the TV show that they are watching!

Focused on watching TV

This small dog in our featured video is a Jack Russell. The clip starts by focusing on how erect the ears were when Animal Planet was airing. As the footage continues, the dog gets excited as the different animals got shown on TV.

Are the animals real?

The dog even ran to the back of the TV stand to check if the animals were there. When he couldn’t find them behind the television set, he jumped high to get to touch the screen. He escalated his attempt to get to the animals and scaled up the stand to feel the TV screen!

In living color

What was showing trigged off the desire of the dog to be with other animals. A close-up shot of this Jack Russell’s wiggling tail showed that this pooch was happy to watch that particular episode of Animal Planet. This pooch ran around the room and leaped for joy to be “among” the other animals that he viewed in living color.

Dog reaction

Dogs react to what seems real to them, like what is showing on TV. Nowadays, we have Netflix and other on-demand subscription channels that we can use for our dogs to watch the films that they like. This 2008 commercial is highly entertaining to watch as it is one of the original ‘dogs watching TV’ footage.

Source: 0kageryu0|YouTube


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