Ladybird is such a lucky dog because after three years of being away from her owner, she was finally returned. The reunion of the dog with her owner would break your heart. Before Ladybird was lost, she worked as a service dog to a woman suffering from seizures and narcolepsy.

But the woman had encountered financial problems, had lost the job, and ended up homeless. What is left to the woman was only the service dog. Wherever the woman was, Ladybird stayed by her side.

The dog was the one taking care of the woman such as pulling her wheelchair. As the woman gets old and weak, he asked Miss Jane and Henderson to take care and look after Ladybird. Unexpectedly, as the woman and the service dog were in the street, another homeless guy took away the dog until the woman died.

Years have passed, but Henderson and Miss Jane are hopeful that they can retrieve the service dog through the help of the chip installed in her neck. But they have received news that the man had brought Ladybird to Portland, Oregon.

Until one day, they were notified that Ladybird was seen in the street fending herself. The man who took her had passed away. The dog had lost weight and roaming on the street and seemed to be going deaf.

It is apparent that Ladybird had not eaten for some time. He had lost her jaw muscles. She could not chew, and the muscles on her head had atrophied. Ladybird was so thin, and her ribs were prominent. She can’t even manage to go upstairs.

Henderson didn’t waste time and immediately arranged the documents for Ladybird’s foster care. As soon as they’re back home to Texas, the service dog has gained back her health. In the video, Miss Jane was in tears of joy seeing Ladybird again. She can’t believe that for almost three years of being part, still, they have the chance to reunite with Ladybird.

Watch the video below:

Video source: Fox News via YouTube


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