Snowy lived a difficult life on Dubai’s busy streets. For so long, he survived on food scraps and had his meals underneath parked cars.  Snowy was living a paw-to-mouth existence, that is until a good Samaritan came along.

The aforementioned good Samaritan goes by the name Raman. One day Raman went to visit his sister at her office, which happened to be the place Snowy frequented. Raman saw the dog in need and although he was not planning to rescue any dog that day, fate had already intervened.

Upon seeing Raman, Snowy immediately approached the stranger. Snowy allowed Raman to pet him and just like that, the fate of these two beings had been sealed. Raman carried the pup into his car, where Snowy immediately cuddled up to him and fell asleep.

Raman took Snowy to a vet where the pup was diagnosed with a severe case of rickets, making his gait wobbly and unstable. After Snowy’s first vet visit, Raman took him home. Raman gave his new dog a good bath and after all the dirt was washed off his body, a clean white fur was revealed, which accounts for Snowy’s given name.

Raman went straight to housetraining Snowy and the latter acclimated fast to his new life.  At first, Snowy was anxious around new people. He was also anxious every time his human took him out for walks.

Eventually, Snowy got used to his new routine and his anxiety disappeared. He still loves snuggling with Raman, his savior. Raman could not be happier with the decision he had made that day he saw Snowy for the first time.

Raman is a testament to the goodness of the human heart. Snowy is yet another argument for how we all deserve a second or even third and fourth chance. Cheers to Raman and Snowy!

Dubai has numerous stray dogs in need of a home.

Photo courtesy of a Gofundme campaign


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