Alex is a senior dog that was found lying on a pile of garbage. At the age of 14, he only has a few years left before he crosses the rainbow bridge. But instead of enjoying his golden years, Alex was dumped like trash after his previous owner already found him useless.

Fortunately, someone with a kindred heart reached out to Stray Rescue of St. Louis. Volunteers immediately responded, and they took Alex into their rescue center.

The pup looked horrible. His fur was terribly matted that he needed a shave the moment he arrived at the center. He also had a skin disease, arthritis, tumor, and was suffering from hair loss.

Did Alex get too frail to be treated like this? Is he already too old that he no longer deserves love? Or perhaps, he previously required medical attention and his humans no longer found him worthy of such care?

Whatever the reason may be, one thing is clear. Alex was seen and treated like a possession, something disposable. And when he could no longer keep his previous owners entertained because he’s no longer energetic as before, he was discarded.

Alex isn’t garbage. His life matters, no matter how old or sick he has become. Lucky for him, he found the right individuals. And he’s in the safest place he could be.

With proper diet, Alex gained weight. His fur has also started growing back as he received medicated baths. He was fragile, but his rescuers were determined to help.

But more than food and baths, Alex needed to feel that he is still loved. He needed to know he still mattered. And that’s when his new mom came.

With lots of love and attention, Alex began to transform completely. He changed both physically and emotionally. He has become a handsome boy covered in his shiny white fur. And he even made it to the beach!

Alex is just old. But he still deserves to be in a loving home just as any younger dog does.

Credits to Stray Rescue of St. Louis


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