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If you still do not have a dog and would like to have one, you might want to consider adopting instead of buying or spending money on this.

Nowadays, there are several shelter dogs – some are abandoned and neglected – you could adopt and are very much capable of showing affection towards you.

Here are some advantages of taking in pooches.

Adopting a dog means you won’t be supporting puppy mills

If you adopt, you are assured that your dog will come directly from puppy mills. Puppy mills are notorious for hurting and forcing dogs to breed. This is an act of cruelty to dogs because pooches can only bear a certain number of puppies at a given time.

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You can find any breed you like

In the dog shelter, you could choose from a laundry list of dog breeds depending on your personality and likes. If you are into smaller dogs, there are poodle, terriers, to name a few. If you prefer bigger dogs, there are also the likes of Labradors, Bulldogs, and Pit Bulls.

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Shelter dogs are good followers

Just like any other dogs, shelter dogs are capable of being trained. More so, they are good followers because some dog shelters train dogs under their radar for these pooches to be adopt-ready.

A rescue dog could help you get a date

It may be a stretch, but a study showed that people with dogs are more likely to get a date. The reason for this is that people nowadays prefer dates who have a penchant for dogs, or in short, animal lovers.

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You can share your audiobook collections with them

If you are the type of person who collected audiobooks in the past, this could serve you well if you adopt a shelter dog. One reason is that you could use these audiobooks to calm down the dog or give him or her relaxation.

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