According to the neighbors, this Put Bull had been roaming the streets ever since the home that he had shared with his family had burned down, and that while they were able to move somewhere else, he was left behind. The poor creature had no idea where his family went or if they were ever going to return to get him, so he continued to hang around the area, waiting, for he didn’t have any other options. Fortunately, his homelessness wasn’t ignored by the people living in the area, and they continued to feed him — until someone took the time to ask for help on his behalf.

One of the people who had seen him went out of their way to give the Hope For Paws organization a call to request that they take him off the streets and be re-homed somewhere safe. Naturally, Eldad of the Hope For Paws organization was quick to respond to the request and drove straight to the address of the home that had burned down and once there, he quickly spotted the homeless Pit Bull. He was expecting the rescue operation to be a little tricky since he figured that the dog would immediately bolt at the sight of an approaching human.

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But to his surprise, the little guy went to him without a hint of hesitation and even wagged his tail as he did so, his body language the picture of gladness and affection. With the dog’s accommodating attitude, there was no need to be conservative in giving away pieces of food, and the rescuer let the dog have his fill of the cheeseburger — until the only thing left was the wrapper. Soon enough, the two were exchanging affectionate gestures, and a leash had also been placed by the rescuer around the Pit Bull’s neck, which the dog didn’t seem to mind in the slightest.

They named him Popeye.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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