It takes 4 academic years to earn a college diploma. But who’s got that time? Well, definitely not an unapologetic pup. Rather than study, he could simply steal someone else’s diploma, right?

The University of Puerto Rico at Mayaguez held their graduation day late last week. Among the students who were to receive their diplomas was Cristina Ruiz. But little did she know that the symbol of her academic success would be seized right there and then.

After the graduation rites, Cristina knelt down and posed with a dog named Tarzán. Apparently, with a diploma right in his face, the bulldog decided and reached for it. Who would have let go of that chance? It’s having a diploma without paying hefty tuition fees.

Watch that adorably hilarious moment here:

Tarzán con hambre luego de la graduación 🐶💚🎓

Posted by Enrique Ruiz Almodóvar on Friday, June 14, 2019

“Everyone was in shock and we were all super surprised,” said Enrique, Cristina’s brother. “It was absolutely unexpected.”

But, did Cristina get upset at all? Probably not. In fact, it was the complete opposite.

As it turns out, mischievous Tarzán is one big deal on the campus. He is the official mascot of the school and every student adores him. A huge statue of him even stands on university grounds.

With Cristina’s diploma having been stolen momentarily, it has become much more meaningful and special. Everybody is saying that hers is a unique diploma because it was exclusively signed by Tarzán, the university mascot. “My mother was super excited about Cristina’s graduation. The bitten diploma was the cherry on the top.”

With the hilariously remarkable moment, Cristina knew it’s not something that would be forgotten anytime soon. She even decided to recreate it with the huge Tarzán statue after. And it’s equally amusing.

Evidently, Tarzán’s ambitious plan didn’t work out. He realized it wasn’t that easy to get a degree for free. Nevertheless, it wasn’t too hard for him to get tons of affection and love.

Credits to Universidad de Puerto Rico Recinto de Mayaguez and Enrique Ruiz Almodóvar


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