Rescuers found Salvador as they were walking down a road and they got shocked as this abandoned dog was extremely filthy. He was so thin that you could see his bones through his fur, and the rescuers gave him food. He was starving, and he quickly chomped down on the food that they gave him.

Rescuing Salvador

It was hard to rescue him at first because, like many abandoned dogs, this one was scared of people because of the neglect and abuse that they had gotten. They wanted to save him because he could get run over because he lived on a street. However, Salvador realized that the rescuers only tried to do what was for his best interest and accepted their help.

Salvador’s fear

Once they got him in the car, he was terrified, and that might have been because of the trauma he experienced. Salvador had fur falling out in many places and the extremely matted parts. He was still hungry, so they fed him well, and as he ate, the rescuers began cutting off all the matted fur.

Salvador’s situation

Since Salvador was quite scared, the rescuers had to shave him a little at a time to avoid him from being too frightened. They found out he was extremely anemic because he was starving for so long. However, despite all of his fear, Salvador was still loving, curious, kind, and playful. The rescuers did their best and let him socialize with the other dogs, and he did a great job at making friends.

Salvador’s transformation

He was being taken care of 24/7 and given lots of food and water to get him to an average weight. As each day passed, you could see him grow more muscle on his body and be more energetic; he even wore a shirt sometimes to make up for his lack of fur that was slowly growing back.

Salvador’s new life

After some time, he was a completely new dog and grew back a beautiful coat of cream colored curly fur, and he was happier than ever. A loving family adopted Salvador to take good care of him for the rest of his life.

Source: LITTLE PAWS|YouTube


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