It’s quite unusual for dogs and cats to become best friends. But when you’ve lived in a home together, lost your family together and surrendered in a shelter together, all you know is that you only have each other now. Such is the adorable story of a Chihuahua named Leila and a cat named Tabby. These two animals prove that true friendship can go beyond breed or species.

An unusual friendship

The staff at Massachusetts for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals were surprised to receive a pet carrier containing one Chihuahua and one tabby cat. The most interesting part of all is that the two animals seem to be at peace with one another. No, scratch that. They love one another.

Leila is a two-year-old Chihuahua while Kitty is a six-year-old long-haired cat. They lived with the same family their entire lives. One day, their family lost their home and could not bring the two pets along in their new residence.

It’s sad to know that Leila and Kitty lost their family, but at least, they have one another. And the friendship they share is truly unique. At one point, the shelter staff tried to place Leila into another cage, but the cat would not stop crying and meowing until the dog was returned to her side. The team figured it’s better to keep them together than break them apart.

Adopted together

It would break each other’s heart if Leila and Kitty got adopted separately. They’ve been friends and companions for too long, and they survived a devastating phase in life having each other. So, the shelter began to look for potential pet parents who would take both animals in.

Fortunately, a kind and loving couple Andre and Elizabeth from Sudbury were more than happy to give the best friends new home and family. Indeed, all is well that ends well.

Watch Leila and Kitty’s being surrendered at the shelter on the video below.

Thanks to MSPCA-Angell and MSPCA Boston Adoption Center.


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