Dogs’ capabilities are not limited to barking and running. They can do many different things. With just a few training sessions, they’re already able to do amazing things, just like Brutis.

Brutis, an adopted Chihuahua, became famous because of his excellent skating skills. He was about to be brought to the shelter by a lady when his dad saw her. His dad commented “cute dog.” And the lady answered, “Yeah pretty cute, but I’m taking him to the shelter.”

The lady said that she’s giving up Brutis because he was crying too much. Despite that, Brutis’ dad decided to adopt and take care of him. That’s when he found out that Brutis was not crying – he’s talking. He’s just a very outspoken dog.

One day, they saw another dog on TV who was skating. His dad’s friend told him that Brutis is a pretty smart dog and that if he could teach Brutis to skate, she will give him her daughter’s skateboard. That’s where it all started.

His was a bit skeptical because he’s not a professional skateboarding-dog teacher. But since he loves skateboarding too, he decided to give it a try. At first, he didn’t know what he was doing.

He would just leave Brutis with the skateboard. The next thing his dad noticed was that Brutis was already riding the skateboard by himself. He learned to skate in just a week!

Dogs are just like humans. When they learn something that they know they’re good at, it builds confidence. Brutis loves what he is doing.

His dad adores him so much that he started rescuing dogs like Brutis. Now, he is already the leader of a big pack. Now, Brutis has four dog siblings. They follow him everywhere.

His siblings want to follow Brutis’ footsteps too. He usually teaches them how to skate. So now, they are a family of skating dogs.

Credit: the_brutis


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