Dogs are like humans as they have feelings too. Our featured video is about an unfortunate story of a dog who was chained up in front of a house for ten years. This poor pooch suffered a lot of abuse until the time it got rescued.

Saving the abused dog

The neighbors called the rescuers because the neighbors saw the abuse this dog experienced. According to them, the owners from their porch would even grossly urinate on their dog! There were no blankets, toys, or shelter where the dog was tied up – there was only mud, dirt, and the chain.

The first sighting

When the rescuers first saw this dog, she was sleeping on top of frozen mud while being snowed on with no shelter at all. They saw that she was starving, dehydrated, and couldn’t walk well because the fur on the legs and tail became matted with feces and mud. This poor pooch even had arthritis.

The recovery

They brought the dog to the vet where she felt much better because she was getting the treatment that every dog needed and the love that she deserved. The volunteers carefully shaved off her matted fur to free her from the burden of the past so she could walk. She can now happily wag her tail for the first time in her life and roam freely!

Comfortable at last

Once all the matted fur was gone, the rescuers started bathing her. Like many dogs, she didn’t like taking a bath but being touched and loved was more than what she wanted. After she was all cleaned up, they gave her a cozy, warm bed so she could sleep peacefully and comfortably for the first time in her life.

A new beginning

The rescuers had a homecoming party for the dog, and it was the start of her new life. Two of the guests, Mike and Alyssa, saw her for the first time and hugged her and knew she was the right dog for both of them and brought her home. Her original owners called her Judas, but her new, loving family decided to call her Judith. To help her with her arthritis, someone donated a cart so she could walk everywhere she wanted to with no problems to live happily for the rest of her life.

Source: AnimalAdvocates|YouTube


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