Christmas is a holiday of cheer, so how do we get our furry pals involved in the celebration and let them experience the Christmas spirit? Dress them up in fancy clothes, of course!

During Christmas, we usually dress up our dogs with the fanciest (and most comfortable) dog clothes we could find. The whole family then takes a photo of these styled up dogs to preserve the memories. After which, these lovely dogs could feast on a variety of Christmas-themed dog foods and treats. So, everybody, including our furry friends, ends the Christmas day happy and full.

You may have done this part a little differently, but don’t worry. There’s no one surefire way to enjoy Christmas with your pets. You can do it however you want. All it takes is a bit of creativity and dedication.

Speaking of Christmas creativity, I came across a viral video of a Boston terrier dressed up in a Santa Claus costume. Aside from that, the said dog was on the top of an operating robot vacuum cleaner – looking as if he’s on some dog-friendly type of hoverboard. The music was playing, and the dog didn’t do much. All he did was sit on the thing while the robot vacuum was busy vacuuming the whole place and carrying him around.

The makers of the video must be so clever. The one-minute music video somehow exhibits the Christmas spirit in an odd kind of way. Plus, the dog seems to enjoy his new ride as well. After that music video shoot; the cute dog must have been treated to a sumptuous Christmas meal. So, I guess everybody ends the day happy and fulfilled.

Christmas may still be months away from now, but at least you have a bit of an idea on how to celebrate the next Christmas with your dogs, with the video below. Enjoy!

Source Nootka Street via Youtube


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