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One dalmatian thought it would be a great idea to go to a firehouse and spend time there while he waited for his owners to get him. This dog is Chico, and he decided that the Hillsborough County Fire Rescue, which is in Tampa, Florida is the best place to wait for his parents.

The firehouse was empty when Chico went there. Soon, the firemen came back after doing a job. They were surprised to see the dog right where they worked.

Corey Dierdoff is the public information officer of the fire department, and he said that the dog didn’t seem homeless. He was sociable, looked fed, and didn’t have fleas though he needed a bath.

The firemen decided that the dalmatian could stay with them that day, and Chico loved it. They gave the dog a shower. They then entertained themselves by playing fetch with the dog whenever there wasn’t any work to be done.

Corey said that he found the dog to have good manners. Chico loved his time at the fire station, and the firemen loved having him there. They gave him some toys and some treats. They also gave him a makeshift bed using old pillows and shirts.

The fire department also recorded what the dalmatian did while he was there. Followers of the fire department on Facebook were happy to see updates about the dog. The department did that though to tell Chico’s parents where their dog was.

Luckily, Chico’s parents saw the post and went to the fire station. They were quite surprised to see their dog being quite at home there. Plus, they were happy that their dog was in safe hands while they were wondering and worrying where their dog had gone.

The firemen were sad when the dog had to go home, but they were happy that Chico is back with his parents.

Source: Inside Edition


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