People who regularly donate blood are dubbed as heroes in the medical field, especially when they volunteer to give blood at the most unexpected times. That is exactly what this adorable pooch did just recently as he saved the life of a fellow canine.

Jax, a seven-year-old Rottweiler-Labrador-German Shepherd cross, lives with his fur parents, Jennifer Fowler and her husband, in a town in the southeastern US. Being the curious and adventurous pup that he is, Jax usually tags along to the couple’s hiking trips and loves exploring the quiet mountainside of Carolina.

During his non-hiking days, though, he is typically hanging out with Jennifer at the animal clinic. The fur mom works as a vet tech in the said clinic. And since it is just a short ride away from their house, Jennifer will frequently bring him to the facility to hang out and play with her workmates during their slow days.

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Just recently, Jax was not in the clinic when a very anemic puppy came crying for help. The pup had barely any red blood cells left, and if he didn’t get any blood transfusion within the day, it might be too late for him. However, the clinic didn’t have any blood bag stored, so Jennifer had to think of an alternative to save the puppy.

That was when she realized that Jax could be a donor. After having her husband drive the pooch to the clinic, the staff immediately went to work to extract a bag of blood from the pooch. Jax simply sat happily while the vet techs drew blood from his neck.

After the procedure, he was spoiled with high-calorie snacks and allowed to rest in the clinic’s most comfy bed. His bag of blood did save the puppy that day, and after several days of recovery, the anemic pooch got to go home finally.

Jax’s kind-hearted gesture eventually spread like wildlife across Twitter after a user posted a photo of him posing with his donated bag of blood. The post already boasted of over 65,000 retweets and 351,000 likes. Look at the pooch’s viral picture here.

Courtesy of @sugarplum_m


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