A Golden Retriever who loves to hear stories is the newest internet sensation. Percy, a therapy dog, was seen attentively listening as kids read aloud at the Public Library of Toronto. We Rate Dogs gave him a very high approval rating of 14 out of 10.

Percy is among the pack of therapy dogs volunteered by the organization St. John Ambulance. They have teamed up with the library for a program called Paws 4 Stories. The initiative aims to help children improve and enhance their reading skills through the aid of therapy canines.

The noble enterprise has been rolled out in various locations across the city where kids five years old and above get to read to this patient and uncritical audience. Aside from Percy, other dogs such as Troy and Tucker are also part of the program at the public library. All the dogs are accompanied by a handler who also assists in the project.

The acclaimed photo of Percy received many likes and other signs of approval. One even voted for him to become the head librarian. Others are very much impressed with how Percy seemed to be enthralled while the kid was reading to him. The rapt attention of the dog assures the reader of his reading skills and builds up his confidence.

While you can read to just about anyone, these highly trained therapy dogs will make the kids feel more confident. They are very helpful to shy children and those struggling to read out loud. In fact, the organization claims that they have already received positive feedback, which proves the success of the program. They shared that some children who used to stutter and cannot read a few sentences can now read a whole chapter, just within six months.

St John Ambulance also volunteers their therapy dogs to nursing homes and hospitals. These furry heroes help relieve stress and anxiety among patients and elderlies. Their dogs are temperament-testes and have been trained to provide an encouraging and calming atmosphere.

The Paws 4 Stories is not a unique initiative. Every week, Story Dogs visits almost 250 elementary schools in Australia, and another similar program called SHARE Reading Dogs does the same in Queensland. We hope that soon, all libraries will have their own Percy!

Credits to WeRateDogs®


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