We know what you are thinking, it’s another video about a dog disrupting a soccer game by chasing the ball around. Well, this is a little bit different from the other videos with this theme. If you like watching viral videos about dogs, you’ve probably seen about a dozen videos of dogs chasing the soccer ball.

It is usually what transpires because the ball is typically the main reason why they join the game in the first place. However, the pupper in this soccer match stands out from the rest. It didn’t go after the soccer ball that was being kicked around. Rather, it went directly towards the players.

No need to be alarmed, the pooch didn’t attack the players. It was a friendly dog; actually, it was too friendly for its own good. The pup jumped onto the soccer pitch, and the referee had no choice but to blow his whistle to pause the intense game between two big teams from the National Football League in the country of Georgia.

The black Labrador ran directly towards one of the players, and its body language suggested that it’s in a playful mood. Well, it was interrupting a soccer game, so no surprises there. Unfortunately, the soccer player wasn’t interested in playing with the dog.

So the black Lab roamed around the soccer pitch looking for someone interested. Nobody gave the poor pup attention until it went near the goalkeeper. The goalkeeper who seemed to be a dog lover called the pup towards him, and the excited pooch was so happy it found a playmate.

Then seconds later, the pup laid on its back and was asking for a belly rub from the goalkeeper. The people in the stadium cheered when they saw what the dog was doing. The goalkeeper was also happy to oblige. After the pup got what it wanted, it was happy to be escorted off the soccer pitch. The pup was certainly a positive distraction to the players and to the fans who were watching that game.

Credits: Associated Press


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