Dammit Bobby is an intriguing name for an equally interesting dog. Lately, he left his owner speechless after stealing a naughty toy and making it into his very own chew toy. The Spitz-Boston Terrier mix looked a bit guilty at first, but with his owner’s reaction, he became quite proud of himself and even refused to give the item up.

His owner, Halle Papson, noticed Dammit Bobby busy with something in their living room. The pooch made himself comfortable on the sofa and has been chewing what looked like something unusual. When Halle realized what it actually was, she could not believe her own eyes.

The naughty pup has been chewing on a dildo, most likely stolen from his parents’ bedroom. When he was caught, he froze and guiltily stared at his mom. But when Halle started to laugh hard, he was triggered to become territorial with his new toy.

Halle immediately called for her husband to see for himself what Dammit Bobby did. Since James had his phone with him, he took the opportunity to take some hilarious photos for evidence. After having a hard laugh, they tried to take the naughty toy from Dammit Bobby, but he quickly tightened his hold over it then ran around to avoid being caught. When they finally retrieved the dildo, they immediately threw it in the trash since it was already gnawed on.

Dammit Bobby has a history of being naughty. As a puppy, he used to snatch underwear but fortunately grew out of that peculiar habit. The couple is hopeful that his new fascination for adult toys would be just a one-time felony.

The mischievous pup has a thing for chew toys, and the sex toy left unattended inside the bedroom must have been too big a temptation. Additionally, it has been a while since Halle bought him a chew toy, so it could be another reason why he took it upon himself to find his own plaything. Nevertheless, it was a lesson for parents to keep their naughty toys properly stored so that naughty pups won’t mistake them as chew toys.

Credits to Halle Nicole Papson


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