If you were aware of Hachiko’s story, you would know the strength of the bond shared by dogs and their humans. Hachiko visited the train station where he fetched his master for years, before the latter’s death. Hachiko’s story is a testament to how this kind of bond endures beyond life itself.

Yes, a dog’s devotion to their beloved human survives even death. If Hachiko is not enough to convince you of this fact, consider the story of the dog named Capitan. Capitan is the loyal canine companion of a man named Miguel Guzman of Argentina.

Miguel Guzman doted on Capitan for the rest of his days. When Miguel passed away, Capitan was understandably heartbroken. The dog was too heartbroken that he went missing from Miguel’s home for days.

Photo courtesy of Mashable 

Miguel Guzman’s family went out to search for Capitan. To their utmost surprise, they found him resting by Miguel’s grave. The fact that Capitan escaped from home to get close to his deceased human’s resting place is not even the most remarkable and heart-tugging part of this story.

Miguel Guzman died at a hospital. He was buried in a graveyard quite far from his residence. Capitan had never visited this cemetery before. As to how he found his human’s grave is still a big mystery.

According to the cemetery’s funeral director, he saw Capitan arrived at the graveyard all by himself. The dog loitered around the cemetery as if searching through all the tombstones for his master’s. Eventually, he found Miguel Guzman’s resting place.

Since his first trip to the cemetery, Capitan went on to visit his deceased human’s grave every single day. At exactly six in the evening, he would make his presence known among the cemetery staff, who have nothing but intense admiration for Capitan’s undying love and loyalty.

Source: Mashable


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