Many things make social media fun. Shared memes, for instance, consistently delivers hilarity. Even your friends’ and family members’ random posts on their daily exploits prove to be quite entertaining.

And then there are those notoriously viral social media challenges. When these challenges are interesting enough, they quickly gain traction. Soon, everyone on Facebook or Instagram are in on the fun.

Remember the ice bucket challenge? It was done by both regular people and celebrities. The best thing about it was how it made people aware of the disease called ALS, and how it encouraged people to donate to ALS research.

Then there’s the mannequin challenge. Just like the ice bucket challenge, the mannequin challenge became popular to both regular people and celebrities. But unlike the ice bucket challenge, it did not promote awareness of anything serious.

The only thing the mannequin challenge promised is pure and adulterated fun. Soon enough, even the canine breed joined the bandwagon. Check this video out to know what we’re talking about.

The three Australian Kelpies in the video are X, Cash, and Jackson. They are the beloved canine companions of fur parent, Evelyn Edblad, a photographer based in Sweden.

Evelyn had been inspired by the mannequin challenge. She figured she could teach it to her smart pups. Evelyn devoted ample time and patience to train her dogs to pull off the mannequin challenge.

And her efforts paid off, as we’ve seen from the video. On command, the dogs stood motionless. The trick lasted 30 seconds, which for dogs is a lifetime.

On Evelyn’s command, the dogs concluded their successful rendering of the mannequin challenge. They sprinted off into the distance. Evelyn could not be more proud of her pups.

We can only imagine what other tricks X, Cash, and Jackson can pull off. We’re sure they have so much more up their sleeves.

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