How many of us still pray before eating? Still many, eh? The real question though is, how many dogs can pray before they devour on their chow? Now, that cannot be a lot. But wait! This video shows that there are a lot of dogs that can actually kneel and say praises before they eat their meals. Isn’t that stunning? Kudos to those human moms and dads who continue to train their dogs to act like humans and practice the right things that people do.

Watch this and get inspired to train your dogs to pray before chowtime!

Praying dogs video gone viral

This video of dogs praying before eating is perfect to go viral. It is a good deed and a great job for their dog parents. This is actually something out of the norms as many dog parents can train their dog with commands to carve their behavior, but not a lot can add praying commands. It seems that the dog parents had been very busy turning their dogs to act and behave like real kids around the house – which is exceptional! It is still inspiring to see and know that a lot of dog parents are still out there to teach them table manners.

What is more interesting though, is to see how these well-disciplined dogs will be in the same room as those who do not have the same training. How will the other dogs react if it is chowtime and these cuties have to kneel first and pray before digging in? Conversely, how will these dogs respond if they see that not all dogs will have to kneel and pray before eating? Will they continue to pray or give in to the food that’s in front of them like all the other dogs do?

Source: Mihaifrancu via Youtube


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