Almost two dozen dogs, along with other animals, have been recently rescued from a fur farm in Poland. The poor furry souls have been cooped up in rusty cages with no access to food and water. The deplorable conditions they were subjected to are so horrifying that the investigators are attempting to close the whole thing down.

Open Cages, an international organization, has been collaborating with the authorities in a bid to stop cruelty on farmed animals. Its investigators were shocked to see the distressed animals on the farm, some sharing space with decaying corpses. They initially rescued six dogs and four foxes who were immediately brought to the vet for medical intervention.

The dogs were in cages among the foxes who will be slaughtered for the coveted pelts. The owner claimed that the dogs were put there as a deterrent for thieves. Investigators are doubtful of the owner’s alibi since caged dogs would not be that effective to scare burglars. They are trying to determine if the dogs, some of them have long hairs, are being slaughtered along with the foxes for the fur.

EU law strictly forbids the farming of cats and dogs, and no incentives are offered to farm them for their furs since Europe prohibits the sale of their pelts. Open Cages CEO Connor Jackson said that while the presence of dogs in cages at fur farms is aggravating, it is the reality for minks and foxes. The agonizing psychological and physical cruelty that was done to them is just too much.

The farming for fur has been banned since 2000 in the UK, and there is a widespread call for shunning the trade. But this did not stop its importation of fur products amounting to almost 700M pounds. Some of the most upscale fashion houses and department stores still sell fur merchandise. Animal welfare activists are hoping that through the Brexit, the importation will be finally banned.

Further investigation of the accused fur farm revealed that the owner is not a registered member of the Polish Association of Fur Breeders. The chairman, Daniel Chmielewski, condemns the disgusting and appalling condition of the animals there. The farm also has goats and cats within its premises.

The investigators later returned to rescue eleven more animals. One of the dogs from the initial rescue suffered from a broken leg, and one of the foxes needed amputation for his foot infection. We are assured that the local authorities are on top of the investigation to make sure that whoever committed animal cruelty will be punished. Thanks, Open Cages for the initiative!

Credits to Andrew Skowron


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