A dog the size of Jupiter walking across a highway like he was on an outing at the park with his master is a disaster waiting to happen. This was certainly what this guy thought when he saw the bulky black K-9 roaming the fast lane. The speed at which he was driving was rather fast, so it was a good thing that he saw the dog a few hundred yards away and was able to slow down to a stop.

At first, it seemed as though the dog would resist any form of assistance. But as big and as intimidating he was, the little mutt was actually eager to engage in some play time, and with a total stranger at that! He was on his back and asking for belly rubs quicker than the guy knew how to react.

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Of course, it’s a given that when a dog lies on his back, who ever’s in front of him is under obligation to reward the little critter with belly rubs. And that’s exactly what good driver did. He indulged the big softy more than once, as the dog kept ignoring his attempts to make him move over to the side.

The dog kept going back to a laying position, belly exposed and demanding for more contact. Soon, however, the guy finally managed to shoo the friendly beast and guided him back to his home, which was thankfully not too far away from the road. He then moved his car to a less hazardous spot and started a phone conversation with the local police.

While he Proceeded to give information, however, he noticed that the dog went for the road again, and this time he followed it. After about 800 yards, he ended up at the house where the dog’s owners lived. As it turned out, this was not the first time that the dog got out without them knowing, and that they were at work to find a solution.

Not exactly a magical ending, but at least the dog got back home without a scratch on his body. It was fortunate that police assistance wasn’t necessary after all.

In any case, the world definitely needs more people like Mr. Good Driver. He did say he is an animal person himself.

Source: The Dodo



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