The American Medical Response (AMR) Team of Evansville, Indiana has a hectic and fast-paced environment.

They handle around 33,000 ambulance calls each year, and the workers go on 12-hour shifts to service the people of Evansville and Vanderburgh County.

According to Lee Turpen, AMR manager, their job is no walk in the park, and occasionally witnessing sobering or even horrifying events is all part of a day’s work.

That’s why the arrival of a stray puppy called Siren was a breath of fresh air for the emergency medical workers. AMR Evansville has toyed with the idea of having a dog as a team mascot before, but they never really took it seriously until Siren came into their lives.

“This one just kinda forced himself on us,” Lee jokes.

Two AMR employees were doing their rounds one day when a stray puppy ran up to their ambulance and chased the vehicle. He was relentless, so they had to stop and pick him up.

The workers asked nearby residents if they knew the dog, but nobody did. So they posted his photos online and had him scanned for a microchip in the hope that they would find his owner.

Two weeks had passed, however, and no one had come forward to claim the dog. Because Siren had bonded with the AMR workers from the first night his rescuers brought him home, the team decided to adopt him and make him their mascot.

Field supervisor John Wilcox shares, “I think everyone adopted the puppy.” He says that the women in particular love being with Siren, while Lee explains that one of their employees has taken charge of looking after the pup’s needs.

The mutt is more than a mascot for AMR Evansville, though; his mere presence brightens up the workers’ days.

They’d come in frazzled both physically and emotionally after a long shift, but seeing Siren welcoming them while happily wagging his tail makes them smile and forget their exhaustion even for a little bit.

Credit: American Medical Response of Evansville on Facebook


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