It’s always a brilliant idea to take a good break from our hectic schedules and spend time outdoors. No matter the destination, nature provides a relaxing ambiance to anyone who wants a breather.

With this, an adorable pair of dogs happily turn a grassy field into their playground. Despite the tall grass surrounding them, the pooches used the situation to their advantage instead.

Come and get me!

In this carefree video footage, an energetic spotted pooch runs across a grassy field. At first, you’ll think the dog found something exciting among the grass.

However, you’ll soon notice the spotted dog’s chasing another spot-furred pooch weaving its way among the grass. This scenario continued until both dogs disappeared from view.

A few seconds later, the other pooch soon comes into view, merrily bounding across the green field to put some distance between him and the spotted dog. Despite this tactic, the spotted pooch still managed to catch up to its canine friend’s pace.

You look like kangaroos, you know.

As the video progressed, the two dogs merrily carried on with their high-energy game. Even if the two pooches once again disappeared among the meadow, nothing can stop them from continuing with their playtime.

On and on, the two pooches hopped across the field, making them look like little kangaroos. Dad can’t help but snicker with laughter as the dogs continue jumping their way on the meadow.

But, it looks like this energetic game’s coming to an end as the two dogs walk towards an empty patch in the field. Now that they’ve consumed their energy, the pooches slowly trot across the dirt path in search of another play area.

Though it looks like the dogs merely went about with their day, their feisty play ultimately puts a smile on one’s face. Thus, if you want to see these happy pooches in live-action, click the video below.

Video Credit: Rumble Viral via YouTube


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