Dogs are known for their loyalty. But do you know that they can also be friendly and protective of other species? This is the story of Fred, a Labrador that adopted nine helpless ducklings and took care of them as if they are his own.

Everyone, meet Fred – a 10-year-old Labrador that lives in a castle in Essex, England. He was just a regular family dog when he became an adopted father to nine cute ducklings. The little ducks were found by the castle ground staff, without their mother. The team presumed that the mother might have been dead. Presumably, eaten by a predator and was gone even before her eggs hatched.

Although the staff was concerned about the newly-hatched ducklings, Fred stepped in and took care of them the moment he laid his eyes on them. Soon enough, the ducklings took to Fred. They follow him wherever the friendly Labrador goes. Fred looks after the little ducks too. He protects them from danger until they grow older.

The dog took his responsibility seriously that he even went swimming with them together on the castle moat. What a fantastic dog Fred is. It seems Fred understood the ducklings’ plight. He knew that without their mother, the little ducks would never have a chance in life. So he took them.

Castle owner Jeremy Goldsmith said that Fred grew up along with the other animals, he and his wife, Jo, rescued throughout the years. The couple had even let a squirrel stay in their kitchen that they had rescued from a roadside a few months ago. Jeremy also added that they are so proud of their beloved Labrador, especially of what he has done to the poor motherless ducks. I’m sure the ducklings wouldn’t have made it without their big furry dad — way to go Fred.

Source Suffolk Now via YouTube


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