Meet the French bulldog named Walter Geoffrey. He’s a special doggo. He’s too special that he gets to have two first names.

And when you have two first names, you get to have things your way too. And that’s what Walter Geoffrey enjoys daily. What he wants, he gets.

Today Walter Geoffrey is in the mood to visit the dog park. He misses his canine crew. He’s looking forward to running and playing roughhouse with them.

So Walter Geoffrey convinces his human to take him to the park. And of course, his human agrees. The dog’s driven around, in search of a dog park.

But today’s not Walter Geoffrey’s lucky day. Today’s the opposite of lucky. Walter Geoffrey’s plans for an epic day are thwarted.

Now how does Walter Geoffrey react to his misfortune? Watch the video below.

In the video, we see Walter Geoffrey in a car with his head out of the window. He’s running his mouth with palpable anger, or at least frustration. Then the video cuts to a notice posted on the park’s gate.

The notice says that the park is closed for maintenance. That explains why Walter Geoffrey’s throwing a hissy fit. He mentally, physically, and emotionally prepared for today, and he’s frustrated that all his preparations have been wasted.

We hear Walter Geoffrey’s mom in the background. She says, “This is not good.” Well, obviously. Also, she tells her dog to call the manager if he wants.

Walter Geoffrey does not call the manager. We figure he does not have a phone. To make the dog feel better, his mom reassures Walter Geoffrey that he’s a five-star dog living in a two-star world.

It’s a funny statement to make about a Frenchie. Now we know why Walter Geoffrey’s such a diva.

Thanks to Walter Geoffrey The Frenchie


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