Seven-year-old Molly DeLuca was playing with Haus, her family’s German Shepherd, when a rattlesnake joined them. The dog quickly switched to attack mode and defended Molly from their unwanted visitor.

Three for the team

Molly’s grandmother was in the backyard. She was watching her granddaughter play with their family pet when she noticed that Haus’ behavior changed. He was jumping back and forth, and he was growling. After taking a closer look, she saw the German Shepherd snapping at a rattlesnake.

She made a mad dash to her granddaughter to protect her from the rattlesnake, but Haus had everything under control. He stood in front of the rattlesnake and made sure that the reptile had no access to Molly. Haus received three venomous bites from the rattlesnake. He cried and limped away after the third bite because the pain was too much for him.

Healing the hero

Molly’s family rushed Haus to the clinic to save him. The veterinarians were surprised to see that he was still alive after receiving three venomous bites from the rattlesnake. They also acknowledged that it was uncommon for the German Shepherd to receive three bites since dogs normally run away after the first bite.

Molly’s family felt a deeper appreciation for Haus after what happened. He took on every single bite from the rattlesnake to protect Molly. He was so focused on saving her life that he was willing to give up his.

The veterinarians gave Haus a steady drip of antivenin to help him recover from the snake bites. Molly’s family also set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for Haus’ recovery. They raised more than what was needed, so they donated the excess funds to the local animal shelter. After months of recovery, Haus went back to his healthy, happy self.

Credits to US News



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