Brittany Taylor was sitting at her salon having her hair done, and was talking about her new Golden retriever puppy. The South Carolina woman had recently adopted a puppy named Luka, and she was overcome with joy over her new pet. Luka was soon joining Brittany at the Charleston hair salon.

Brittany frequents Gibson Hair & Makeup in Charleston, South Carolina. Her stylist, Michelle Atwood, told Brittany she would love to meet her new Golden retriever puppy. Michelle suggested that Brittany bring Luka along the next time she had an appointment. Brittany, who has two other dogs, agreed to bring Luka into the salon on her next visit.

The next time Brittany came to Gibson Hair & Makeup, little Luka joined her. Luka was a bit fussy and hyper as he watched Brittany getting her hair done. Luka finally settled down, and everyone in the salon loved getting to know the small puppy. Luka ended up falling asleep at the salon and slept for almost an hour.

Stylist Michelle Atwood then got an idea. She asked Brittany if she would like her new Golden retriever to have a turn. Since Luka had already been groomed, Michelle only pretended to cut Luka’s hair. Everyone in the salon loved watching Luka sit in the chair with a cape wrapped around him. Luka seemed to enjoy all the attention.

Brittany said Luka probably did so well in the chair because he was a bit sleepy. Luka was very curious and enjoyed being doted on and pampered. Luka is so adorable sitting in the chair getting his hair done! Check out this cute video of Luka at the salon below:

When it was time to go, everyone said goodbye to Luka and Brittany. Luka is looking forward to his next visit to Gibson Hair & Makeup Salon.

Credits: Luka Instagram


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