Some dogs boss around like humans. But they always do it hilariously and adorably that’s why we always end up following them. Even the toughest guy can be the softest when it comes to his pooch.

Ron is a dad to three canines. He has a very soft side when it comes to his dogs. He may look like the toughest guy you’ve ever seen, but he’s always bossed around by his dogs, especially Dinky.

One time, he was sitting in their living room trying to enjoy his egg sandwich when Dinky showed up. It looked like Dinky wants something from his dad. He started mumbling and rumbling.

He’s trying to say something. Until his dad asked, “You didn’t even eat your food! Why do you want mine?!” But this rationale will never work, especially for a hungry dog who’s making an excellent point.

Dinky’s brother, Romeo, another Great Dane, decided to join the funny conversation. But as you can see, Romeo is more subdued than his quirky brother. He knows how to be patient, and he wants to show a good example to his very eager brother.

His dad finally got obliged to give his sandwich to his very enthusiastic dog. Besides, it’s not like he’s going to give up without keeping a piece of the sandwich to himself. The rest of the sandwich was given to the three pooches, and Dinky couldn’t be more thankful.

But, this isn’t the first time that Dinky put up a hilarious argument. Last year, a video of him also went viral when he was so jealous of his brother, Romeo, for having all the “lovies” from dad. Guess, Dinky is really a dog who has a word for everything.

Credit: The Dodo


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