Superdogs might always save the day. But they too get hurt in the process. Good thing they survive. The universe decided we need them too much for them to be taken away because of tragic accidents.

Orkon is a loyal police dog from Sta. Rosa County in Florida. Like a typical Belgian Malinois, he is a valuable asset to law enforcement for his bravery and hard work. The possibility of being harmed has always been part of his job as a K9. Sadly, he had been hurt twice while he is on duty.

In a recent encounter, Orkon was called to help in the arrest of a suspect accused of domestic violence. Eric Mayhugh was refusing to cooperate with the officers, so the K9 was deployed. Orkon was about to do his part when the accident happened.

While Orkon was exiting the police car, a passing vehicle accidentally hit him. The officers from the sheriff’s office were horrified to witness the freak accident. The suspect saw this as his chance to flee, but one officer ran after him and successfully caught him. Others immediately took Orkon to an animal clinic.

This was not the first time that Orkon got hurt while doing his job. Last spring, a thief repeatedly struck Orkon on his snout. Good thing, the awful suspect has been arrested, and after a month, the resilient K9 was back to full health.

This time, his injuries were not too serious. Orkon is expected to be completely healed after a few more days. His X-rays were clear, and apart from a few road rashes, the vet vouched for his good health. Meanwhile, the driver who hit him has undergone investigation, although it would seem like everything was just an unfortunate accident.

Credits to Santa Rosa County Sheriff’s Office FL


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