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Hiking is a beautiful thing to do especially if you love spending time with nature. Plus, it gives you the exercise that you need. But for these hikers, they never really thought that they would also be saving a missing dog while they were hiking.

Danny Hartung and Kelly McDuffie are buddies who love to go on hikes. They were hiking when they found Max, a golden retriever who was missing during the 4th of July fireworks. The dog was with his family on a vacation in Madison, Virginia. The family tried to look for their dog but failed.

They had to go back home in Washington D.C. without Max with them. They were still hopeful though that park rangers would find their dog.

Danny and Kelly had gone on a hike and had seen the family’s fliers about Max. They didn’t take much notice of it though. But fate had something in store for them.

On their hike that day, Kelly had been eyeing a new trail that would take them to a waterfall. But Danny wasn’t up to it. He wanted to take their usual trail and Kelly relented.

It was a hot day when they went on their hike. They heard the flow of a spring and the couple wanted to get refreshed. They looked for the spring and cooled down by the fresh water. While they were there, Danny saw some ripe berries and picked some. That was when he saw a dog behind the plants.

Upon closer inspection, they saw that the dog was Max, the missing dog. Max growled at them. The couple thought that the dog may be hungry and thirsty by now so they gave him some food and water. Soon enough, Max trusted them.

Kelly contacted the park rangers to inform them that they found Max. They needed help bringing Max back because the dog was fatigued and couldn’t walk. They were also far from civilization so carrying the dog wouldn’t be feasible.

Danny and Kelly kept Max company until help came. The park rangers then hurriedly brought Max back to civilization and brought him to a vet. They also contacted Max’s family.

The family was so happy knowing that their dog was safe. They rushed back to Virginia. Finally, after over 11 days, Max was reunited with his family.

Source: Good Morning America


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