Dogs never cease to amaze me. The breed has proven time and again that they are more than just pets, but a friend we can trust.

Truck driver, Martin Hall Jr., was driving home from work one day when he saw a dog standing in the middle of the road. It was unusual for a dog to be in the area since it was a remote dirt road in Coulterville, California.

Martin, a dog lover, decided to befriend the stoic canine. He gave the dog his sandwich to which the dog ignored. The refusal surprised Martin as dogs like him most of the time. Good thing he recorded the incident on his cellphone camera.


The refusal sparked Martin’s attention. He looked closely at the dog and begun to see some clues. It was wearing a collar and a leash as if it got lost. A flashlight can also be seen near him and not far from where the dog was standing is a walking trail.

The dog’s continued refusal to move and to eat the food made Martin decide to leave the dog alone. But just when he was about to leave, he heard a weak call for help. Martin listened carefully and immediately followed the yelling.

As soon as it was apparent that Martin is trying to help, the dog immediately stands and leads him to where the sound came. The dog led Martin to an older man who had unfortunately fallen and got injured.

Paul, along with his dogs, was walking them on the trail, when he met his accident. One of his dogs stayed with him, while Chico, the one Martin met, walked back into the street to look for help. Martin called for 911, and Paul received treatment immediately.

The loyalty the dogs displayed that day saved their owner’s life. Dogs are indeed amazing.

Source Storyful Rights Management via YouTube


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