It’s back to school and all your kids are gone. You can already feel the huge impact that this make at home. This is a scene that we’re all acquainted to. Your son or daughter has packed their bags and they’re about to leave. The dog can already pick this up, it then starts barking, as if it’s trying to plead with them not to leave.

The summer holiday was well spent with the kids being at home. Now they’re embarking on the bus to head back to school. Believe me, your dog is very confused. Why is this happening? It asks the only thing going on in its mind is who will be giving it the treats, ball throwing, and running around with it.

Before its long, boredom sets in and as a result, the bad behaviors start. This transition is not an easy one. But at the end of the day, you can make it easy for your dog. How? It’s very simple, below are some few activities that you can engage in to keep your dog active.

Engage the dog In some exercise

Just a few minutes of rigorous exercise with your dog will go a long way in improving their overall well-being. A good morning workout works very well in stimulating the dog’s brain and exercise the muscles too. This should be done before the kids head out to school. This will fight the stress that comes with separation.

Treats and toys

As any dog owner and they’ll tell you that most dogs love it when they have something new to chew on. Immediately when the kids head out to school, that’s a perfect time to pull out the toys and treats. This includes the puzzle toys, meaty bones, and bully sticks. There’s no doubt that this toys will keep your dog entertained for hours. The other thing with toys and treats is that they are great at instilling positive reinforcement.

Engage the dog in some activities

As soon as the kids are off to the bus stop, take the dog for a ride to the park or elsewhere. This will brush up on its obedience training. It will also give you more clues on how to deal with anxiety and boredom.

Dog Walker

One of the great options that families should consider is the doggie daycare. It’s also a great way for dogs to socialize with other dogs. The other more flexible option is the dog walker. They’ll come home every day to provide your dog with the necessary relief.

Get another dog

The other effective distraction that will stimulate a bored dog is to get another dog to play with. Dogs can keep each other’s company. However, they’re also very good at getting into trouble. So, it’s important to consider this point.

We all know that dogs need a lot of patience and time. They also love sticking to the routine. It’s therefore accurate to conclude that if you follow this steps, your dog will eventually get used to your kids being out of the house. As a result, they’ll not be overly concerned about that.


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