Taking care of three dogs is already a jungle, what more if there are thousands of them? Let’s see how these five older women manage to do it despite their age.

In Weinan China, five elderly have shown their dedication to save the lives of hundreds of dogs. Wang Yanfang, one of the women, discovered a dog asylum six years ago. She was then joined by four of her other friends to take care of the dogs in the asylum.

Every day they will wake up as early as four in the morning to give food to the dogs living there. Over 1,300 dogs are living in the asylum. They needed to wake up as early as possible because they are preparing a massive amount of food for a large number of dogs.

Wang and her friends are aging between 60-70 years old, and yet there are still vigorously able to do the task. They will not only give them food but also take care of them. The women will sometimes groom the dogs or play with them.

For some, it might seem a dream job of taking care of dogs, but they say it not always that easy. Sometimes some of the dogs have bitten these women. This is what happens when they encounter dogs that are not familiar with social care.

Fortunately, these women don’t think of these instances as a hindrance to taking care of the dogs. For them, the dog’s welfare is far more critical. These women are very compassionate and not to mention very passionate as well.

Taking care of dogs in the asylum is a way of saving their lives. Most of the dogs that are there are to be put down. If it wasn’t for them and the asylum, most of these dogs should have been long gone now.

The women are getting help and support from the community. With their donations, the women can take care of the needs of the dogs. They find women’s effort and love for these animals genuinely amazing.

Hope these heroic examples of these women will move people’s heart. May this serve as an inspiration to everyone to help not only people but animals too.

Video credit: My Pets


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