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There are still people who would adopt a puppy only to make them work as guard dogs outside their house. The dogs would have to deal with the different types of weather on his own outside the house.

This is the kind of situation that Tankers had. Tankers lives in South Carolina and he is a Boston Terrier. He would cry and whimper most of the time and the neighbors would feel their hearts break for the dog.

A concerned neighbor decided that it was time that Tankers had some help so a call was made to the Paw Prints In The Same Animal Rescue. The group went to Tankers’ house and it was a good thing that Tankers’ owners decided that it was okay for the dog to go with the rescuers. Tankers had been neglected and it was just right that he went to good people who would take care of him.

When Tankers was taken to his foster home, it looked like the dog really wasn’t used to interacting with people. The rescue group also listed Tankers on Petfinder so that any potential adopters would know about him.

The Gordons saw Tankers’ profile on Petfinder. Based on the dog’s description, they knew that this was the dog that they wanted. They were pretty excited to have one. Drew, the youngest child, really wanted this dog. So the family applied to adopt the dog.

Adopting a dog doesn’t happen in an instant. The family had to wait for some time. While they were waiting for any news about their application, they continued to browse for other dogs. However, Drew would simply reject all other dogs. Her eyes were simply set on Tankers.

During an adoption event where Tankers would be there, the family went there to meet him. Drew had a grand time with Tankers. They couldn’t take him home yet so she cried when they had to go home without the dog.

In February, the Gordons were informed that their application was approved. They kept it a secret so that they could surprise Drew. Watch how they surprised the little girl on Valentine’s Day.

Source: Paw Prints in the Sand


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