Some dogs love to stay active and run in the park as if there’s no tomorrow. However, some slacker pups would rather lay in bed all day. This adorable mini bull terrier from Italy belongs to the second category.

Fur dad Silvio Siamo had been with Sparky for quite some time now, so he knows exactly what kind of a lazy pooch he is. Whenever they would be out on a walk in the sunny outdoors, Sparky is known to flop down halfway through. It was as if telling his fur dad that he already had enough walking for the day.

This would typically mean Silvio would carry him all the way back home. In their house, the pup never does any sort of cardio, too. In fact, he would typically be seen cuddling up with the family and lounging on the bed.

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Silvio always does his best to keep the pooch sharp on his paws. So whenever he has spare time, he would force him to go on a trip down the country lane. However, with the recent lockdown in the country, nobody is allowed outside anymore, except for essential errands.

This is good news for Sparky, though, mainly since he gets all day long to spend with his fur dad, and he is saved from the torture of the daily walks. Although Silvio couldn’t get the lazy canine to workout at home, he himself managed to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

He would do pushups and squats to pass the time. But even during his workouts, Sparky found a way to get some cuddles.

Whenever Silvio does some pushups, the cheeky pooch would casually position himself under his fur dad. So that every time Silvio comes down, the pooch gets the kisses he craves for. Silvio doesn’t mind, though, as he actually enjoys every moment he spends with the pup during these challenging times.

He shared that Sparky had been quite a fantastic distraction from the health crisis the world is facing. But hopefully, when the pandemic subsides, Sparky would continue his walks! Watch the sweet workout session here.

Courtesy of sparky_minibullterrier


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