Dogs are the easiest to care for, at least, the “stuffed” breed. They are best for those with allergies or for children who are not yet capable of raising a real one. The best part is, when they get accidentally abandoned, they don’t literally die. They are easily entertained too!

A café in North Carolina knew how much a stuffed puppy means to its owner. They found one at their shop in Wilmington over the holidays. They immediately posted pictures to let the owner know that it is being well taken care of and is just waiting to be retrieved anytime. The captions, though are so witty you would think it is about a real doggie.

Tama Café also assured the owner that while the pup is waiting, he has been kept busy and is enjoying himself. In one of its photo, it showed the white and orange puppy trying on one of the café t-shirts. He even tried working the cash register.

The post gathered lots of attention and has been shared almost a thousand times. Everyone appreciated the efforts of the café and wanted to help the puppy find its owner. Some even shared how they wished this was done when their kid’s toy was left somewhere else.

The puppy has not yet been claimed, so Tama Café kept on posting the puppy and some of its adventure. One featured how much cookies it ate. On the following photo, it was on the sandy beach of Wrightsville allegedly to walk off the excessive sugar intake. It was even on a leash!

We commend the efforts of the café to find the little pup’s family. We can only imagine the stress and loneliness its owner must be feeling right now. However, these hilarious pieces of evidence of how the puppy is spending his time while waiting to be claimed will probably replace his worry with laughter!

Credits to Tama Cafe


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