Fear and trauma can stunt anyone’s growth. It can cause people to hide and not want to mingle with other people for fear of being hurt again. Thankfully, there’s one thing that can overcome fear and trauma: this powerful thing called love.

This is the story of how persistent love healed a beautiful young puppy who was once fearful and lonely. Mina lived in Romania. She was caught and taken to the public pound, where no one can be expected to take good care of her.

There, she suffered from hunger and malnutrition. She also endured living on the pound’s wet and cold floors every day.

One day, rescuers saw Mina and decided to save her from the public pound. The poor little puppy was in such a bad state that they needed to take her to the vet clinic to have her checked and treated. She was severely ill, malnourished, and underweight. She also had anemia and skin infections.

If you thought that was bad, Mina’s attitude was worse. Having lived a difficult life as a puppy, Mina was traumatized and scared of anyone who approached her. She would try to move her head away every time someone tried to touch her. Her body would shake both from malnutrition and fear.

It took volunteers a whole week of showing affection and love before Mina could learn to trust people. One can only imagine the horrible situations she went through that made her extremely wary of people. Over time, she began to allow humans to sit beside her, make her lay her head on their lap, and hug her.

Soon, however, she discovered one thing all dogs around the world love: belly rubs! Mina finally felt what it felt like to be a normal dog who gets regular belly rubs from humans.

Now, Mina gets all the love and belly rubs that she wants from the loving family who adopted her. She lives in Germany with her humans and a playful bigger sister named Alma. Mina’s transition from being a fearful puppy to a happy and cheerful dog is proof that love conquers all.

Source: Howl Of A Dog via YouTube


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