Some of the purest and beautiful things in life are free. And the companionship of a dog is one of them. When you’re with an adorable pooch, chances are their antics will make you laugh or warm your heart.

One playful pup will surely make you smile, no matter how difficult your day has been. She had an adorable video where she could be seen playing with her stuffed toy – so cute!

The Golden Retriever and her toy

The video had surfaced on the Internet, and it showed how a Golden Retriever was having the time of her life. She was playing with her stuffed toy, which was coincidentally a puppy.

In the clip, the pup could be seen holding the toy up in the air. She then lovingly tossed it around.

The adorable clip was shared by a Twitter account called Humor and Animals. Since posting, it had collected more than 1.3 million views.

People online were giving their heartwarming and “Awwww” reactions. One Twitter user said that the clip was making her day so much better.

It had also inspired other pet owners to share clips of their pups playing with their toys. One user showed a clip of his dog playing with her toy duck.

Later, it was identified that the pup was Sadie, a famous pup on Instagram. In the said social media platform, she had more than 80,000 followers.

Picking the right toy for your pup

Dogs surely love toys, as these stimulate their senses. But see to it that you are making the right choice.

Do not pick a toy just because it is attractive to you; pick something safe and toxin-free. The right size should also be accounted for. For one, a ball should be large enough for the dog to carry but not too small, as it may choke them.

The material should also be considered. As much as possible, avoid rawhide-based toys. These materials eventually become soft, and your pup might chew it. The chewed part may get stuck in their throat.

Video Source: Baudolino Aulari via YouTube


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