This poor Pit Bull had lost one of her eyes, had been homeless for quite some time, and the only instance she would ever be seen outside of her hiding spot was when she was looking for food. She must have been very determined to avoid having any sort of contact with people because she only ever looked for food late in the evening. Thankfully, however, despite her elusive nature, somebody did see her roaming the streets one night and decided to alert the Hope For Paws organization to arrange for the poor dear to be rescued.

Rescuers from the Hope For Paws organization responded swiftly to the call and proceeded to drive to the spot where she had been seen last, and it didn’t take more than a few minutes for him to notice her. At first, they thought she was going to bolt and try to escape from her rescuers, but she opted to stay put — because it turned out, she had puppies. The mama dog and her babies were so buried beneath the bushes that the rescuers had to use a grass cutter so that they could remove some of the branches.

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After that, it was easy enough for them to put a leash around her neck, although she still seemed ambivalent and moved about with a bit of panic after they had extracted her from the bushes. To reassure her that they wouldn’t harm her or her babies, they brought all three puppies close to her, and that was when she started to relax. Without wasting another second, they drove the family of Pit Bulls to the hospital, where they all received medical care and were given warm baths to wipe out the exhaustion from their lives in the streets.

The named the mama dog Iris and babies Seth, Nathaniel, and Meg.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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