When people try to raise awareness about a certain issue, sometimes the people behind it would pull out all the stops to get attention. When people are trying to spread the word about a certain topic, they shouldn’t overthink their approach. As long as it works, even if it looks silly, it should be good enough.

In Canada, a man from Chilliwack, British Columbia, started a campaign to raise awareness about homeless and abused pets. Usually, when people tackle this issue, they show horrifying images and tell terrible stories about abandoned dogs. But Frank Sapach has a different approach.

He rides across Canada with his trusty pup, Sheila, in tow. Frank rides his bike, which is attached to a cart where Sheila does her thing, which is barking. Frank calls it “Barking Across Canada,” and Sheila does indeed bark every time they start rolling. When asked about how it all started, Frank revealed a serious backstory.

He was diagnosed with cancer, but instead of going for treatment, he decided that he will just accept his fate, and spend the rest of this days with Sheila. He thought of walking across Canada so that if he died on the road, someone would see that Sheila’s owner had passed away, and they will take care of the dog.

But a miracle happened for this lovely man, as his cancer went away. Frank believes that because he was spared, he is supposed to do something good out of his new lease on life. Because he felt the love of Sheila during the entire ordeal, he decided to do something about homeless dogs.

With Sheila making noise as they pass through neighborhoods, people get a glimpse of the pup’s colorful cart with the message and advertisement about his blog. Frank says that he wanted to raise awareness about homeless and abused dogs in a positive way, and he believes this is the best way to do it. The world could surely use more people like Frank, with his positive demeanor and selflessness.

Credits: Shaw TV Nanaimo


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