Stan was only ten days old when his father, Bristol-based photographer Timothy Jones, began documenting his growth. Timothy wanted to show the physical evolution of his baby by letting him sit on the same chair and taking his pictures each month.

To make things interesting, he would let Jasper, his Beagle, sit beside Stan. Jasper was already six years old when Timothy started the project. He was a lot bigger than Stan when the first set of photos were taken. As months passed, Stan slowly got bigger and managed to catch up to his Beagle best friend’s size.

The Beagle and the boy

The idea came about when Timothy saw Jasper lounging about on his favorite chair. It was the Beagle’s favorite spot in the house; he would always sit on it to relax and chill out. Timothy figured it would be nice to take a photo of Stan and Jasper sitting beside each other on that chair. Just like that, “The Beagle and the Boy” was born.

What was supposed to be a single picture soon became a series of photographs showing Stan and Jasper’s growth. Aside from the boys’ physical development, you could also see the evolution of Jasper’s favorite chair. According to Timothy, the Beagle lost that chair for one month when the family had it reupholstered.

Best friends for life

As time passed, Jasper and Stan became inseparable. When they’re not sitting down for a photo session with Timothy, he would find them playing or hanging out with each other. This made him happy since it allowed him to capture the strong bond that his two boys have.

The collection of photos received beautiful words from netizens when Timothy uploaded it online. His initial plan was to document Jasper and Stan’s physical development, but he achieved so much more. He put a highlight on the important role that pets play in a child’s growth.

Credits to Jonesmrjones Media


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