Dogs have different personalities. You will never know how they would react to things unless you are quite familiar with them. So, the mom of this adorably naughty pup named Hank came up with a brilliant idea – a house guest instruction manual.

Hank is the super-cute golden retriever of Lindsey Swimm’s sister, Abbey. The adorable pup and his mom have become inseparable since the day that they got together. However, there are (lots of) times when the things that catch the adorable pup’s eye come between them.

Posted by Abbey Swimm on Wednesday, May 29, 2019


Lindsey said that Hank absolutely loves Abbey. But, deep inside, he is such a big adventurer. He cannot stop himself from chasing birds, rabbits, joggers, bicyclists, or anything that catches his attention.

Those that are not familiar with Hank would surely not guess how much vigilance is required just to keep him from going too far astray. So, to give these house guests a little help, Abbey created a list of “Hank Rules”. See below:


Lindsey said that she died laughing when she saw the list that her sister made. She agreed that Hank is indeed guilty of everything that Abbey wrote. But for the sake of fairness, these rules can definitely apply to any other energetic pup out there. Having it plainly laid out loud makes it really hilarious though.

Noticeably, Abbey put emphasis on a few things. These must have been some of the biggest lessons that she learned the hard way. Puppies like Hank can sometimes be full of energy and require a little guidance. However, having them around makes every effort worth it.

As Lindsey said, Hank is the goofiest golden retriever ever. He definitely rules. So, as long as you follow the instructions, you should be good. Otherwise, be prepared for an epic chase. Who knows, you might enjoy the game.

Credit: Abbey Swimm, Lindsey Swimm


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