Memories make the best company when one is lonely. The love and trust that a police officer and his K9 share is so great that the devastation one feels if the other is gone will be as much as huge. Good thing, there are ways to at least ease the hurt and fill the void in one’s grieving heart.

Officer Madsen and his K9, Lemon, served at the police department in Pasco, Washington. The K9 has been a tremendous help during drug busts and in arresting numerous perpetrators for eight years. He recently retired from service, but sadly, just a couple of weeks after, Lemon got sick and died. We can only imagine how devastated and broken-hearted his handler was.

One of the victims that the officer and Lemon assisted was Cassandra Berg. The assistance they offered to the Berg family made such a big impact that they were never forgotten. When they learned that the brave canine died, they contacted Cuddle Clones. With the help of some pictures of Lemon, the company was able to create a stuffed mini-version of the K9.

The Berg family presented the gift to Officer Madsen. After unwrapping the box and recognizing what’s inside, he can’t help but cry. He was so caught up with his emotions, all he could say was a tearful thank you.

The emotional unboxing was caught on video and was uploaded by Cassandra. It became viral, with others sharing their good memories about their late dogs. It was even featured by local news agencies that Cuddle Clones offered Cassandra paid advertisement rights for the video. Pasco Police Foundation will get all the proceeds in tribute to Lemon’s memory.

Cassandra’s deep gratitude for Lemon and Officer Madsen moved her to repay their kindness. A stuffed version of Lemon might not be the same as the real one, but it will be a constant reminder for Officer Madsen of all the good memories they shared. You can watch the heart-warming video below:

Officer gets stuffed animal that resembles fallen K9

Officer gets stuffed animal that resembles fallen K9."Gave Officer Madsen his gift today! He cried he loved it so much! I’m so glad that I was able to give this to him as a keep sake of K9 Officer Lemon!!!" – Cassandra Berg on Facebook

Posted by WEAR ABC 3 News, Pensacola on Wednesday, December 25, 2019

Credits to WEAR ABC 3 News, Pensacola


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