In a world full of animal neglect and cruelty, it’s heartwarming to know that there are people out there willing to go the extra mile to help these poor animals.

Three officers from Michigan Animal Control have volunteered to spend the night outdoors in Saginaw County, Michigan. The trio is trying to remind pet owners to keep their dogs indoors during the cold winter months.

The animal control center has been receiving a lot of calls from concerned citizens regarding dogs being left alone outdoors during subfreezing temperatures. In response to the reports, the officers have decided to do just that.

The project has attracted a lot of supporters. Inmates from the Saginaw Correctional Facility created doggy houses to fit two of the three officers. The third one will be sleeping on a few bits of straw and with the clothes on his back -just as a dog would.

What’s more, as a school project, students from the Hemmeter Elementary are going to monitor the officers’ temperatures, comfortability, and their thoughts throughout the night. A member from a medical team is also on standby to ensure that the officers will last the night.

Watch their story below.


Guerrero, one of the officers, said that most pet owners believed dogs are capable of surviving no matter what the weather is. But in truth, dogs are not equipped to handle different weather changes. As a responsible pet owner, we must ensure that our dogs are safe and comfortable.

Supporters and residents alike were invited to witness the ‘sleepover’ and to cheer the brave officers to last the night.

What the officers did was an act of pure kindness. It was a sacrifice that represented every animal out there that needs our help. We hope that by sharing this story, we have been helping in raising awareness about the importance of keeping our pets safe and secure.

Source Wotchit News via YouTube


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