Dogs are all about adventure, but this pup is, definitely, on another level. Meet Henry, the paragliding cockapoo who was recently nominated as Britain’s bravest pet.

Henry has quite an active lifestyle, thanks to his mom, Amy Jones, and her partner Joe McCarthy. Other dogs live for daily walks and playtime in the park. However, Henry prefers to have regular flights over the beautiful mountains of Alps and Wales’ rolling hills.

H pup the guard dog!! Pups first road trip.. #south of France #Apls# paragliding # biking#surfing # freedome# loving life# van life :))

Posted by Amy Jones on Monday, September 19, 2016


Because of that, Henry became one of the nominees for Britain’s bravest pet. He will soon travel to London to attend the lavish awarding ceremony. Henry will be competing against three other finalists before he gets to bag the prize for the Amplifon Awards for Brave Britons. This recognition is in celebration of the outstanding people and animals from different walks of life.

Aside from Henry’s mom and her partner, Rob, Amy’s dad also goes with them on their adventures. On one of their paragliding escapades, Henry was filmed wagging his tail while on their way to launch at the side of a hill.

Upon reaching a good spot, they strapped Henry into the harness. Then, he took off to the skies together with his flight partner. Joe said that Henry is always calm whenever he’s flying.

Posted by Amy Jones on Sunday, March 31, 2019


They go to the Alps using a VW campervan every year, and Henry never missed any of that trip. According to Amy, once Henry gets on to his harness, he already wants to go. He’s fearless like that. But, Henry’s adventure doesn’t stop there. He swims and cycles in Lake Annecy too. What an unstoppable little pup!

Henry is, indeed, fortunate. He was not only blessed with loving parents. He gets to enjoy life to the fullest too. Of course, his parents are also lucky to have a fur baby who is brave and loving at the same time.

Credit: Amy Jones


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