Stray Rescue of St. Louis has saved thousands of dogs in need. But a lot more needs help. So they never stop.

Rescuers sweep the streets each day. They are always on the look-out for any abused, neglected, or abandoned dog that may need their help. They are ready to spring into action, just like how they did when Scooch needed them.

After a concerned neighbor reached out to Stray Rescue, Donna and her partner wasted no time. They immediately drove to the reported location. The road was long and rough. And the end of it, they found empty houses in the middle of grassland.

A path led the rescuers to an entryway underneath one an abandoned house. It was incredibly hot and pitchy dark. But with the help of a flashlight, Donna spotted a dog, cowering at the very back of that tiny space.

Donna went to approach the pup by crawling with her hands and knees. He growled as she came nearer. But after tossing a piece of sausage, the dog stopped. He pulled himself and ate every bit. Clearly, he was starving.

The dog, later on, named Scooch, continued to drag himself. But he didn’t use his hind legs. And so his rescuers wondered, “Is he paralyzed?”

To make the terrified dog come out on his own without being stressed, Donna though of an idea. She made a trail out of the sausages. And Scooch followed them until he reached the opening.

Scooch was hesitant at first. But after staring at his rescuers, he must have realized they could be trusted. And so, he finally took the last step and made it out.

Using a blanket, the rescuers carried Scooch and loaded him into the jeep. And the pup did not give his newfound friends any bit of a problem. He knew it was the start of a new life.

Credits to Stray Rescue of St. Louis


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