Philadelphia-based photographer Melissa Mariner has a penchant for taking breathtaking photos of her pups. She owns Bella-Reed Photography, which had to pause operations since the country was put under lockdown. Mariner has been staying indoors to help stop the spread of the disease and flatten the curve in her area.

She stays at home with her four Pit Bulls: Nova Layne, Pesto, Hershey, and Bella Blue. They would tag along whenever Mariner had to leave her house and explore the world outside. Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the only places they could explore aside from the garden were the rooms inside Mariner’s house.

The traveling paws

The photographer was going about their new routine at home when she suddenly thought of “bringing the world” to her dogs. Of course, they’re not allowed to leave their house, but that doesn’t mean they can’t go on adventures, right?

Now, don’t worry, they didn’t break any rules. All Mariner had to do to make things happen was edit photos of her pups into places from all over the world! As of writing, these Pit Bulls have already been to India, Paris, New York City, and Australia! They’ve seen more landmarks than most of us these past months!

Mariner wanted to spread happiness and laughter through the photos of her wanderlust babies. Her goal was to help people lighten up during this challenging and insanely stressful time. Her other intention for sharing pictures of her pitties was to break the stereotype and prove that Pit Bulls are not as bad as what the media paints them to be.

An advocacy

One testament to how much she loves pitties is her organization, Bella-Reed Pit Bull Rescue. They’ve rescued over 450 Pit Bulls since she started the organization in 2013. She marries her love for pitties and passion for photography while sharing her advocacy.

Credits to Bella-Reed Photography


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