This Pit Bull was brought by her former family to a decidedly remote area where there was nothing but empty fields and fences and left her there to die there, with nothing to keep her company but her misery. Why they decided to go out of their way to bring her to a secluded area instead of allowing her the chance to be more easily found by people who might be interested in taking her in was anybody’s guess. Nevertheless, she was seen by a passerby, fortunately, and her situation was reported to the Hope For Paws organization so that she could be secured and receive the help that she needed.

When the Hope For Paws rescuers arrived at the secluded area, they found her inside a government property that had been sealed off with a fence, which meant there was no way they could break in. Instead, they tried to lure her out of the enclosed area by leaving a piece of the cheeseburger in the middle of the road outside, hoping it would be worth to squeezing into the small openings that the fence had. The smell of the cheeseburger did do the trick, but she had no interest in letting them near her, and chasing her around could end up working against them, especially since she could simply re-enter the enclosed property.

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So the rescuers set up a trap instead — a portable cage with food in it, and left one of their cameras on the ground so they could watch from a distance. The Pit Bull couldn’t ignore her hunger and eventually entered the trap, and then it was only a matter of minutes before the door closed in on her. Once she had been safely secured, the rescue team returned so that they could transfer the cage, with her still inside, back to their vehicle.

She was flighty at first, but now that she was among friends, her affectionate side had started to show. They named her Bunny.

Source: Hope For Paws via YouTube


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